Portable Gas Detectors

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Portable Ammonia (NH3) Gas Detector

Portable Ammonia NH3 detector for sale online. It is a handheld gas detector to monitor NH3 gas concentration, with optional measurement ranges from 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-200ppm to 0-500ppm, ideal for personal, home and industrial use.

Portable Chlorine (Cl2) Gas Detector

GasDog Chlorine Cl2 gas detector for sale online, comes with a built-in micro pump, high precision sensor, sound, light &vibration alarm and 0 to 10ppm/20ppm/50ppm/100ppm measurement range. It is a portable single-gas detector, best for Chlorine (Cl2) gas detection.

Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detector

The provided Carbon Monoxide CO gas detector is available with a measuring range of up to 0-10000ppm, pump suction type, high-accuracy sensor and gas leak alarm with audible, visual & vibrating. This handheld and small Carbon Monoxide monitor is easy to carry and operate, widely used for gas detection in a home or confined space.

Handheld Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detector

Buy a GasDog portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector online. It features a handheld small design, 0-500/1000/2000ppm measurement range, and sound, visual & vibration alarm, good for travel, RV, car, home, caravan, camper and camping.

Portable Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Detector

GasDog portable infrared CO2 Carbon Dioxide gas detector is a single gas monitor designed for CO2 levels in the home/travel/RV/outdoor/caravan/garage/cellar. Compact handheld gas leak detector, high-precision sensor and sound and light alarm, optional 0-2000ppm/5000ppm/10000ppm, or 0 to 10% VOL, 0 to 20% VOL, 0 to 100% VOL measurement range.

Portable Ethylene (C2H4) Gas Detector

Buy a portable single gas detector online for Ethylene (C2H4) gas detection. It is available with a back clip and a silicone case, and a measurement range from 0 to 10/20/50/100/500/1000/2000ppm, suitable for different kinds of situations.

Portable Formaldehyde (CH2O) Gas Detector

Handheld Formaldehyde CH2O/HCHO single gas detector is designed to monitor and detect Formaldehyde gas concentration, suitable for decoration material testing, pharmaceutical factory disinfection, hygiene supervision and so on. Measurement ranges 0 to 10ppm, 0 to 50ppm or 0 to 100ppm for selection.

Handheld Hydrogen (H2) Gas Detector, Explosion Proof

The H2 portable gas detector is designed to monitor Hydrogen concentration changes within 0 to 500ppm/1000ppm/2000ppm/5000ppm measurement range. It is a suction and diffusion dual-purpose gas detector with ATEX certificates.

Portable Hydrogen (H2) Gas Detector

The provided portable Hydrogen H2 gas detector has a real-time LCD display, sound & light vibration alarm, pump type detector, detecting range from 0 to 10ppm, 1000ppm, 100% LEL to 4% VOL, handheld and small design, easy to carry and use.

Handheld Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector, Explosion Proof

Hot sale GasDog handheld single gas detector is equipped with a gas sensor and ATEX explosion-proof certificates. The portable Hydrogen Sulfide gas monitor can detect H2S quickly and accurately, best for indoor air quality monitoring. 0 to 50ppm, 0 to100 ppm, and 0 to200 ppm measuring range is optional.

Portable Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Detector

The provided yellow Hydrogen Sulfide gas detector is suitable for monitoring H2S concentration. GasDog portable single gas monitor features a gas sensor and light, sound & vibration alarms, available with a range of 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-200ppm, and 0-500ppm.

Portable Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Gas Detector

The handheld Hydrogen Chloride HCl gas detector is one of the GasDog portable gas detector series. It is specially designed for monitoring Hydrogen Chloride gas concentration, with a high-precision gas sensor, LCD display, and a measurement range of 0 to 10/20/50/100/200ppm.

Portable Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Gas Detector

High-precision GasDog HCN Hydrogen Cyanide gas detector is a portable single gas detector. Housed in a robust engineering plastic casing, this handheld gas monitor is suitable for various environments. It effectively detects Hydrogen Cyanide gas concentrations, ranging from 0 to 10/20/50/100ppm, serving as a crucial tool in preventing harm from toxic gas leaks.

Handheld Methane (CH4) Gas Detector

GasDog handheld Methane gas detector for sale online. It is a portable gas monitor with an infrared methane gas sensor and sound, light &vibration alarm, which can measure the CH4 concentration in the 0 to 100% VOL measuring range.

Portable Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) Gas Detector

Reliable GasDog portable CH3Br Methyl Bromide gas detector for sale online with measuring range from 0 to 1/10/20/50/100/200ppm. The compact handheld gas detector ensures accurate monitoring of Methyl Bromide gas concentrations and features a high-precision sensor, alarm and LCD display for easy portability and easy reading of detection results.

Portable Nitrogen (N2) Gas Detector

This GasDog Nitrogen N2 detector is a portable single gas detector, with a high accuracy sensor, LCD display and 0-100% VOL measurement range, pump suction type, perfect for Nitrogen gas leakage detection.

Portable Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Gas Detector

GasDog portable handheld NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide gas detector provides robust safety features like sound, light, and vibration alarms to warn of NO2 gas leaks, along with fast response times and precise mesurements and employs a built-in micro pump for gas sampling, ensuring rapid and accurate NO2 detection within 0 to 20ppm/50ppm/100ppm measuring range.

Portable Nitric Oxide (NO) Gas Detector

Handheld Nitric Oxide NO gas detector provides multiple alert options, including sound, light, and vibration alarms to detect NO gas leaks effectively. This portable NO gas leak detector utilizes a built-in micropump for gas sampling, with fast response time and accurate detection from 0 to 20/50/100/250ppm.

Portable Oxygen (O2) Gas Detector

Safe portable O2 Oxygen detector is ideal for monitoring Oxygen gas concentrations in the range of 0 to 30% VOL or 0 to 100% VOL. With features such as audible, visual and vibration alarms, a large-capacity battery that extends the operating time, and user-friendly setup and operation, this compact handheld Oxygen level detector is widely used in laboratories, research institutions, and confined spaces.

Portable Ozone (O3) Gas Detector

High precision portable Ozone O3 gas detector is available with real-time LCD display, sound, light, and vibration alarms and 0 to 10/20/50/100/500/1000ppm monitoring range for Ozone gas concentration monitoring. GasDog handheld gas monitor is known for its accuracy, fast response time, and ease of portability, making it the best choice for O3 gas detection in a variety of applications.

GasDog portable gas detectors for sale online. These handheld gas detectors come with an advanced sensor and sound, light & vibrating alarms, designed to provide accurate measurements of combustible gas, VOC gas and toxic gas detection.

Low price portable gas leak detectors are compact and user-friendly making them suitable for a wide array of industries and personal safety needs. With the ability to detect Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), H2S, Hydrogen (H2), Oxygen (O2), natural gas, Ammonia (NH3), Methane, Propane, Ozone, Chlorine,  Nitrogen, Formaldehyde, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), these GasDog small and single gas monitors are best for travel, camping and shipping.

Stay ahead of potential gas hazards with these personal portable gas monitors, and trust in their ability to provide timely and accurate gas concentration readings to keep you safe in various environments. Whether you're a professional in need of a multi-gas meter or a concerned individual looking for a reliable handheld gas monitor, the GasDog gas detector series meets your safety requirements when it comes to gas detection.